Integrative analysis of single cell genomics and immunoprofiling


Research Area


Project Summary

Optimizing the efficacy and safety of engineered lymphocytes requires an in-depth understanding of cellular states and state changes: These phenomena have been investigated in other cellular systems based on a sophisticated zoo of bioinformatical tools, that for example is employed in Human Cell Atlas porjects. We propose to bring together state-of-the-art bioinformatics analysis and mathematical modeling to monitor and improve the in vivo functionality of the engineered lymphocytes.

We will develop novel and tailor existing methods for multimodal single-cell data analysis to (i) identify cell states, (ii) combine multiple types of molecular data of individual cells to reveal a concise representation of cellular identity, (iii) model T cell states and perturbation response as a function of the T cell receptor sequence, (iv) build a comprehensive cell state atlas of
CAR-T perturbations, (v) quantify differentiation, migratory and proliferative behavior, and (vi) compare the developmental trajectories of differently engineered lymphocytes.

Project-Related Publications

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