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Gosmann, D., Russelli, L., Weber, W. A., Schwaiger, M., Krackhardt, A. M., & D’Alessandria, C. (2022). Promise and challenges of clinical non-invasive T-cell tracking in the era of cancer immunotherapy. EJNMMI research, 12(1), 5. (A03)

Kaeuferle, T., Stief, T. A., Canzar, S., Kutlu, N. N., Willier, S., Stenger, D., Ferrada-Ernst, P., Habjan, N., Peters, A. E., Busch, D. H., & Feuchtinger, T. (2022). Genome-wide off-target analyses of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated T-cell receptor engineering in primary human T cells. Clinical & translational immunology, 11(1), e1372. (A01, B04, Z03)

Wagner, K. I., Mateyka, L. M., Jarosch, S., Grass, V., Weber, S., Schober, K., Hammel, M., Burrell, T., Kalali, B., Poppert, H., Beyer, H., Schambeck, S., Holdenrieder, S., Strötges-Achatz, A., Haselmann, V., Neumaier, M., Erber, J., Priller, A., Yazici, S., Roggendorf, H., Protzer, U… Busch, D. H. (2022). Recruitment of highly cytotoxic CD8+ T cell receptors in mild SARS-CoV-2 infection. Cell reports, 38(2), 110214. (A01, B07)

Albanese, M., Ruhle, A., Mittermaier, J., Mejías-Pérez, E., Gapp, M., Linder, A., Schmacke, N. A., Hofmann, K., Hennrich, A. A., Levy, D. N., Humpe, A., Conzelmann, K. K., Hornung, V., Fackler, O. T., & Keppler, O. T. (2022). Rapid, efficient and activation-neutral gene editing of polyclonal primary human resting CD4+ T cells allows complex functional analyses. Nature methods, 19(1), 81–89.

Schreiber, S., Honz, M., Mamozai, W., Kurktschiev, P., Schiemann, M., Witter, K., Moore, E., Zielinski, C., Sette, A., Protzer, U., & Wisskirchen, K. (2021). Characterization of a library of 20 HBV-specific MHC class II-restricted T cell receptors. Molecular therapy. Methods & clinical development, 23, 476–489. (B07)

Wu, H., Brand, B., Eckstein, M., Hochrein, S. M., Shumanska, M., Dudek, J., Nickel, A., Maack, C., Bogeski, I., & Vaeth, M. (2021). Genetic Ablation of the Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter (MCU) Does not Impair T Cell-Mediated Immunity In Vivo. Frontiers in pharmacology, 12, 734078. (C05)

Bashiri Dezfouli, A., Yazdi, M., Pockley, A. G., Khosravi, M., Kobold, S., Wagner, E., & Multhoff, G. (2021). NK Cells Armed with Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR): Roadblocks to Successful Development. Cells, 10(12), 3390. (B01)

Zhang, W., Karschnia, P., von Mücke-Heim, I. A., Mulazzani, M., Zhou, X., Blobner, J., Mueller, N., Teske, N., Dede, S., Xu, T., Thon, N., Ishikawa-Ankerhold, H., Straube, A., Tonn, J. C., & von Baumgarten, L. (2021). In vivo two-photon characterization of tumor-associated macrophages and microglia (TAM/M) and CX3CR1 during different steps of brain metastasis formation from lung cancer. Neoplasia (New York, N.Y.), 23(11), 1089–1100. (B02)

Altstetter, S. M., Quitt, O., Pinci, F., Hornung, V., Lucko, A. M., Wisskirchen, K., Jung, S., & Protzer, U. (2021). Hepatitis-D Virus Infection Is Not Impaired by Innate Immunity but Increases Cytotoxic T-Cell Activity. Cells, 10(11), 3253. (B07, C03)

Bräunlein, E., Lupoli, G., Füchsl, F., Abualrous, E. T., de Andrade Krätzig, N., Gosmann, D., Wietbrock, L., Lange, S., Engleitner, T., Lan, H., Audehm, S., Effenberger, M., Boxberg, M., Steiger, K., Chang, Y., Yu, K., Atay, C., Bassermann, F., Weichert, W., Busch, D. H., … Krackhardt, A. M. (2021). Functional analysis of peripheral and intratumoral neoantigen-specific TCRs identified in a patient with melanoma. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 9(9), e002754. (A01, A03)

Müller, T. R., Jarosch, S., Hammel, M., Leube, J., Grassmann, S., Bernard, B., Effenberger, M., Andrä, I., Chaudhry, M. Z., Käuferle, T., Malo, A., Cicin-Sain, L., Steinberger, P., Feuchtinger, T., Protzer, U., Schumann, K., Neuenhahn, M., Schober, K., & Busch, D. H. (2021). Targeted T cell receptor gene editing provides predictable T cell product function for immunotherapy. Cell reports. Medicine, 2(8), 100374. (A01, B04, B07)

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