Lymphocyte Engineering for Therapeutic Synthetic Immunity

Adoptive T cell therapy has advanced to become a distinguished and rapidly evolving translational research field in modern medicine. This collaborative research center (CRC) transregio (TRR) LETSIMMUN is setting out to become a hot spot for cutting-edge basic and translation research in Lymphocyte Engineering in Germany, and aspires to deliver novel concepts and cell products for clinical development that provide Therapeutic Synthetic Immunity for patients.



LETSimmun comprises eighteen scientific projects that focus on three principal research areas and three central projects. More


LETSimmun brings experienced researchers and clinician-scientists together with young talents and interdisciplinary experts. More

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The Integrated Research Training Group supports the education of young scientistsin the field of lymphocyte engineering. More

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LETSimmun is committed to improving the gender gap in science and taking actions against any form of disadvantages and discrimination. More


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CAR-T cells at work: in vivo imaging of CAR T cells in Primary CNS Lymphoma